Pre Order Special - WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS - Drifting Towards The Edge of The Earth

Next 5 preorders of WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS upcoming double CD release "Drifting Towards The Edge of The Earth" will receive a CD copy of When The Deadbolt Breaks debut "In The Ruins, No Light Shall Shine" Free from 313 INC. 
Just preorder the new CD @
Then email the order confirmation and your address to me @
Easy as all hell.


LORD FOWL On The Road To SXSW and Debut Brand New Video

Check out LORD FOWL's brand new video for "Moon Queen." It is quite bad ass. And be sure to catch them on the road in support of their Small Stone Records debut...

Lord Fowl, Freedom Hawk & Irata: SXSW & More 03/08 Chapel Hill, NC @ Nightlight w/ Collossus
03/09 Murrell’s Inlet, SC @ Rockin Hard Saloon
03/10 Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern w/ Carolina Chupacabra
03/11 Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge w/ Savagist, Guzik
03/12 Birmingham, AL @ Nick w/ Aethenoth
03/13 Lake Charles, LA @ Luna Live w/ Large Marge
03/14 Austin, TX @ Headhunters – Small Stone SXSW Showcase
03/15 San Antonio, TX @ Nightrocker Live – SXSA Small Stone Showcase w/ Wo Fat & Las Cruces
03/16 Austin, TX @ Scoot Inn – Converse/Thrasher “Deathmatch” @ SXSW – The Power of the Riff – Free Day show 12-4pm.
03/16 Fort Worth, TX @ The Grotto – Fuzzed Out! Fest w/ Wo Fat and Southern Train Gypsy, Ape Machine, Been Obscene, Mothership
03/17 Nashville, TN @ TB

Watch out Europe... Elder is gonna be in you next month.

Next month is gonna be a great one for rawk power trio, ELDER.
Their European tour will bring them thru Paris France. / Vienna Austria. / Berlin Germany. / London UK.
Things are building and building with all things ELDER, 2013 is shaping up to be a big year for these stoner rawk up starts. Stay tuned!

Tickets are available on line via this link

CLAMFIGHT - "I Versus The Glacier"

CLAMFIGHT - "I Versus The Glacier" (The Maple Forum)

My mail kicked all sorts of ass today. One of the packages I received contained CDs from the magnificent bastards known as CLAMFIGHT... Dare I say NJs finest showing since Maegashira? Yes. I do dare say.
This package came containing not just one, but BOTH of Clamfights CDs..."Volume I"and "I Versus The Glacier." Both have come out on The Maple Forum imprint, and kudos to the label for putting out some really bad ass albums.
After seeing Clamfight live a few weeks ago, where they were playing a set drawing heavily from their newest release, "I Versus The Glacier", I popped that one in first and not gonna lie...I'm kinda fucking loving It.
Slamming drums knocking angry rhythms tinged with a southern flavored stomp (via the NJ turnpike of course)... Vocals that make it easy to remember every harsh melody, all while they get you amped for combat. Combat the likes you see in overcrowded basement shows and underground fight clubs.
Start to finish this is a pummeling collection of dive bar serenades with one helluva nasty groove thru out. Makes for a really great listen. I'm gonna recommend both the initiated and uninitiated do what you gotta do to get your hands on this gem.
Or just order it direct from The Maple Forum... while supplies last.


Richmond VA Doom Rockers, FIRE FAITHFUL, have been busy recording the follow up to their  critically acclaimed debut, "Please Accept This Invocation."
Once again with Garrett Morris (Windhand) at the helm handling production duties, the band has been pounding out dark grooves of kerosene huffing sonic hallucinations, with an eye towards a Spring 2013 release thru a to be announced label.
Tracks so far include the road tested, live show favorites King Macabre, Organized Occult Love, and Harvest Rune, along with soon to brand new but soon to be classics: Last Fool On Earth, Combat, Eye Opener, and Don't Meddle.
When asked about the bands progress on the new album vocalist, Brandon Malone updated us by saying that "Bass, Drums and most guitars are wrapped up, and the vocals are underway."
True to form, and judging by the pre production demos I have, this album is gonna be immense.

Stoner Hands Of Doom XII Hits The East Coast 8/30 - 9/2.

Road Saw 11:20-12:00
Black Thai 10:20-11:00
Ichabod 9:30-10:00
Raw Radar War 8:40-9:10
Birch Hill Dam 7:50-8:20
Rozamov 7-7:30

Pilgrim 12:20-1:00
Earthride 11:20-12:00
Revelation 10:20-11:00
Lord Fowl 9:30-10:00
John Wilkes Booth 8:40-9:10
Wizard Eye 7:50-8:20
When the Deadbolt Breaks 7-7:30

The Skull 12:20-1:00
Pale Divine 11:20-12:00
Devil to Pay 10:20-11:00
Earthen Grave 9:20-10:00
Admiral Browning 8:20-9:00
Orodruin 7:20-8:00
One Inch Giant 6:20-7:00
Beelzefuzz 5:20 6:00
Black Cowgirl 4:20-5:00
Kin of Ettins 3:20-4:00
Curse the Son 2:30-3:00
Stasis 1:40-2:00
Eerie 12:50-1:20
Akris 12-12:30
Iron Man 11:20-12:00
Elder 10:20-11:00
Black Pyramid 9:20-10:00
Summoner 8:20-9:00
Negative Reaction 7:20-8:00
Borracho 6:20-7:00
Hovel 5:30-6:00
Gypsy Chief Goliath 4:40-5:10
War Injun 3:50-4:20
Skrogg 3:00-3:30
Fire Faithful 2:10-2:40
Insano Vision 1:20-1:50
Witchden 12:30-1:00

givethemrope Joins 313 INC Artist Management Roster-

313 INC Artist Management is proud as fuck to announce that Philadelphia Metal Juggernaut, givethemrope have joined our esteemed (loud as fuck) roster of heaviness. The band's roots date way way back, when some members of givethemrope recorded and toured in one of 313 INCs owner, Scott 313's, favorite bands - Deadbolt.

Fast forward 10+ years, and we have givethemrope getting ready to pummel listeners hear holes with there upcoming debut CD. The fact that Joey Z, of Life Of Agony fame, handled the production of this monolith only adds to the sheer girth of this powerhouse.
Your gonna be hearing (and seeing) a lot from these guys.
Go to for more info... Pre Order a CD, and Buy a Shirt. damn it.