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So much going on @ 313 INC...

After finishing up a great tour with Kylesa, Hour Of 13 are back home. Unfortunately Hour Of 13 is not going to be hitting the road next month with the ever mighty SourVein as we originally hoped. Instead they will be going in the studio to record the follow up to "The Ritualist". I'm psyched to say that you folks have no idea what your in for.

Our boys in PRISTINA have recorded a sick new 3 songer that has to be heard to be believed. While scheduling dates still in support of the amazing cd "The Drought (ov salt and sorrow) there are big things on the horizon... Get yourself a copy of the CD right now. Hell get it right from the band @ www.PRISTINA666.com

Our newest signing to the 313 INC roster is a band we have been watching for quite awhile now, and have huge plans for... Va based King Giant. They have just wrapped up recording their second full length titled "Dismal Hollow". It's a cache full of thick, dark, catchy riffs,  making up some masterfully crafted songs. With lyrics that tell interesting twisted stories steeped in dark americana and lore. You'll want to apologize in advance to the other albums on your iPod, cause King Giants new one is going to monopolize your listening for a long ass time...

Cortez have also finished up their brand new slab of riff rawk. This one will be the first release featuring new vocalist, Matt Harrington. And with a good strong handle like Harrington, this guy is exactly what the band needed. And this CD is so full of bad ass songs that your going to walk like your set got bigger after just one listen.
On a semi side note check out the new vinyl split picture disc featuring Black Thai and NYC monsters, Moth Eater... Scott and Jeremy from Cortez play guitar and drums respectively in Black Thai alongside one of my favorite singers out there... His name is Jim Healey, he is in fact your father and the man fucking wails!  
The split is brought to you from those cool bastards at Play The Assassin Records... It's a limited edition so get over to PlayTheAssassin.com now and check out their sweet deal that also gets you some downloadable extra tracks! 

Creative tour de force, Aaron Lewis, Singer/guitarist of When The Deadbolt Breaks and ThunderHoof has started an acoustic solo project by the name -The Walking Ghost. The songs Aaron sent me are very raw and pure. No fancy studio tricks. Very minimal auto correct used on his voice. Kidding. No auto correct. And you can feel the weight that he must have had on his chest before writing these songs...if i were reviewing it I'd  probably write something like  ...Haunting sparse arrangements lay foundation to lyrics that tell stories of lost hope and blue collar solitude...
Bottom line is you should take a listen yourself... 

Aaron who is also an accomplished photographer has an art show on July 16th @ The Heissan Lion in Avon CT. It is featuring his photo series entitled "beautifully dangerous" . The pictures chronicle intense images of dark, beautiful girls showing both a soft side along with the absolutely twisted and evil. Not for the weak at heart. 
The art show will feature acoustic sets by The Walking Ghost and Jim Healey of Black Thai officially making this the coolest art show you would actually be allowed into.

Rev Jim Forrester of the Legendary Sixty Watt Shaman has a new as of yet unnamed band in the works... And the line up is intense, because this will mark the return of the creative team of The Rev and Sixty Watt Shaman vocalist, Dan Soren. It doesnt stop there... Tommy Sickles (of nothingface) is pounding the drums...This trio is shaping up to be a powerhouse of epic proportion, stay tuned.
The Rev has also been exercising his demons thru his own unique style of visual artistry. Very soon he will be making it available for purchase via his Arcane ReCorporations web site that is set to launch later this summer. 

And Bostons corner stone of all that is heavy, the legendary ICHABOD are firing up the amps and getting ready to record and release not one, but TWO (2) brand new CDS via their longtime label, RootSucker Records. And that's not All.. These will be the first to feature brand new vocalist, John Fadden, who is stepping in to take over vocals from long time front man, Ken McKay. I definitely want to take a second to wish Ken the best, and thank him for many many many years of dedication. Good man, great singer, helluva roller derbi-est.  And yes I just made that word up.

Todays  playlist- 
Black Pyramid - s/t

Earthride - Something Wicked

Riff Cannon - Phoenix 

Curse The Son - Klonopain (my review of this shoulda already posted on HellRideMusic.com, so it should be up soon) 

PRISTINA - New songs I have, that you don't.

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King Giant | Dismal Hollow Promo

KING GIANT - "Dismal Hollow"

What would JC say? Well, if the JC I'm speaking of is Johnny Cash he would be saying "This is how its done, Son"
KING GIANT's upcoming CD "Dismal Hollow" is going to kick your dick in the dirt and splash some alcohol on your wounds for good measure.
I think my favorite part of managing bands is that I get hear amazing music FIRST. And let me tell you, I can't wait for you to hear "Dismal Hollow" God damn!