CLAMFIGHT - "I Versus The Glacier"

CLAMFIGHT - "I Versus The Glacier" (The Maple Forum)

My mail kicked all sorts of ass today. One of the packages I received contained CDs from the magnificent bastards known as CLAMFIGHT... Dare I say NJs finest showing since Maegashira? Yes. I do dare say.
This package came containing not just one, but BOTH of Clamfights CDs..."Volume I"and "I Versus The Glacier." Both have come out on The Maple Forum imprint, and kudos to the label for putting out some really bad ass albums.
After seeing Clamfight live a few weeks ago, where they were playing a set drawing heavily from their newest release, "I Versus The Glacier", I popped that one in first and not gonna lie...I'm kinda fucking loving It.
Slamming drums knocking angry rhythms tinged with a southern flavored stomp (via the NJ turnpike of course)... Vocals that make it easy to remember every harsh melody, all while they get you amped for combat. Combat the likes you see in overcrowded basement shows and underground fight clubs.
Start to finish this is a pummeling collection of dive bar serenades with one helluva nasty groove thru out. Makes for a really great listen. I'm gonna recommend both the initiated and uninitiated do what you gotta do to get your hands on this gem.
Or just order it direct from The Maple Forum... while supplies last.