Orange Goblin "Some You Win, Some You Lose"

                                                     Catch Orange Goblin on their North American tour w/ The Gates Of Slumber...

MAY 2011

Sunday 29th: Maryland Death Fest@ Sonar, Baltimore, MD – Get tickets here (Orange Goblin only).

Tuesday 31st: Casbah @ Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC – Get tickets here.

JUNE 2011

Wednesday 1st: The Earl, Atlanta, GA – Get tickets here.

Thursday 2nd: One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, LA – Get tickets here.

Friday 3rd: Liquid Sludge Festival @ Scoot Inn, Austin, TX – Get tickets here.

Saturday 4th: Launchpad, Albuquerque, NM – Get tickets here.

Sunday 5th: Clubhouse, Tempe, AZ – Get tickets here.

Monday 6th: Troubadour, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA – Get tickets here.

Tuesday 7th: Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA – Get tickets here.

Thursday 9th: Dante’s, Portland, OR – Get tickets here.

Friday 10th: Studio Seven, Seattle, WA – Get tickets here.

Saturday 11th: Alehorn Fest @ Double Door, Chicago, IL – Get tickets here.

JULY 2011

Sunday 10th: Sonisphere, Knebworth, UK – Get tickets here.


Saturday 3rd: Hard Rock Hell V, Prestatyn, North Wales – Get tickets here.

Fuck The Rapture, I'm going to see HOUR OF 13 live...

North Carolina doom metallers HOUR OF 13 are due to perform at the premiere of the new movie, "Slow Southern Steel", on June 4th at the Little Rock Film Festival in Little Rock, Arkansas.

"Slow Southern Steel" is a documentary film which peers into the world of metal music in the American South.  The film features live footage and personal interviews with the very people who have created this music, including HOUR OF 13's own vocalist, BEN HOGG.

View the movie trailer for "Slow Southern Steel" at

Tomorrow HOUR OF 13 start their roadtrip delivering their end time message to their growing masses...

May 21- Raleigh, NC - Dive Bar
May 22 - Ashvegas, NC - The Getdown
May 24 - Wilmington NC - SoapBox

HOUR OF 13 are due to kick off a US tour with psychedelic rockers KYLESA on May 25th.  See them live at the following shows:

May 25 - Charlotte, NC - Casbah, Tremont Music Hall
May 26 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
May 28 - Buffalo, NY - Sound Lab
May 29 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Pyramid Scheme
May 31 - Newport, KY - Southgate House
June 01 - St. Louis, MO - The Firebird
June 02 - Tulsa, OK - The Marquee Theater

June 04
- Little Rock, AR - The Rev Room, "Slow Southern Steel" premiere

Listen to HOUR OF 13's track, "Demons All Around Me", at


We are beyond amped to be announcing our newest signing, KING GIANT. Your going to be hearing ALOT from these guys.

- Sonically compared to notable acts - Black Sabbath, Clutch, Kyuss, and Down - the music of King Giant is dark, heavy, and abrasive, yet full of hooks; a perfect blend of pathos and power. It will make an instant connection with any fan of extreme/heavy music. -

Cortez (buzzville records)

 Cortez. Conqueror. Killer. Oppressor. Madman. The great god Quetzalcoatl returned as a blood-mad Spaniard. And now, head-cracking rock n' roll band. Take a listen, and it'll all make sense. Stoner rock! Cortez’ new release, ..Thunder In A Forgotten Town.., is full of the heaviest, deepest, grungiest guitar sound with balls that you’ll ever hear this side of New England. Having a distinctly Kyuss-like approach to songwriting, with bulky, repetitive riffs and monotone vocals that take on a near screaming but overall harmonious tone in nature. Labeled as a self-described sound being “Heavy, loud and lumbering,” Cortez takes stoner rock to a new level of rock. .... Perhaps “heavy” doesn’t describe the guitars of Cortez. Perhaps “a gigantic cave of underground distortion,” or “mind-blowing weight and power” and “bone-crushing bass” will help paint the picture. The tone is so ballsy, but in a laid-back, groovy kind of way. Cortez takes their time while rocking, keeping the heavy rhythm and bass going for most of the song, letting the lead put fills in every now and then, soloing only when appropriate and keeping the fans headbanging the whole time. There’s a definite ease behind the powerful chords; a deep grace that goes along with the ribcage-imploding distortion. Most of the songs clock in at five minutes with their longest track, “Floodwater Rising” extending to 9:36. Although the six-track EP is under 35 minutes, it’s 35 minutes of pure, solid rock. For undisputed heavy, absurdly impressive stoner riffs, check out Cortez. .... - Sean Mahan,

When The Deadbolt Breaks (Spare Change Records)

A vision of Doom .. .. When the Deadbolt Breaks... God lights up a smoke in a flash of lightning. Inhaling a hollow smokey autumn wind of leaf and ash. Exhaling, his deep sigh thunders across a pitch sky, rolling with the turn of his head into the vast emptiness of space and ones heart. .. .. Eyes and sweat gleam with a second strike of Gods light as it cracks with the triggered hammer, and it is done. God's not watching anymore. Justice of a torn heart rips through the soul and veins of the assailant, as does the wet breath of un-watching faith, pulling the petals from their thorny stems across the threshold and her face.... .. .. The visionary soundtrack to ones demising justice, the painful retort of a broken heart. When the Deadbolt Breaks started in the mind of Aaron Lewis, while a member of long time Stoner Rock icons, Cable, in a dream one somber night. With Cables mutual parting of ways, a break from the full-time music scene was needed for collection, recollection, visions and creation. As Aaron Pieced together this audio emotion he realized it was one not to be lost and a recording project was born. Designed to be exclusively an emotional outlet for personal sanity. Musicians and friends were brought in to assist and enhance the recording. With no boundaries or specific styles to hold them back, felt this vision of dark creativity, a ferocious engine fed on bitter revenge, brought their skills and emotions into this, the very moment... .. .. When the Deadbolt Breaks. .. .. Recording of the Debut album "In the Ruins, No Light Shall Shine" began in June of 2005 and was completed in December of that same year. When the Deadbolt Breaks was signed in late January 2006 to Spare Change Records, and appeared for the first time live at the Cabot Street Pub in Chicopee MA, on March 26, 2006. .. .. When the Deadbolt Breaks Debut "In the Ruins, No Light Shall Shine" was released by Spare Change Records on May 2nd, 2006. .. .. Toward the end of 2006 a new line up was formed and recording for their next release began. Spare Change Records teamed up with Austrian label PsycheDOOMelic Records to release the bands sophmore release a split CD with NY sludge Gods, Negative Reaction. When the Deadbolt Breaks toured the East coast in support of the split CD. .. .. In early 2007, they began recording their 3rd effort "The Last Day of Sun". The album contains 11 songs, spanning almost 2 hours and 2 discs of some of the heaviest, open and sonically diverse music the band has done to date. From the blinding chaos of "Hope Love Solitude and Murder" to the melancholic, acid induced daze of "Sprawled in Seamless Time" to the harsh down-tuned sludge of "Of Fallen Grace", this record holds many suprises and breaks all boundries. Early 2009, When the Deadbolt Breaks will hit the road again to support "The Last Day of Sun". .

PRISTINA (Bombfarm Records)

Based in Connecticut, Pristina features ex-members of a diverse list of Northeast bands, including Dry Kill Logic, 100 Demons, Invocation Of Nehek, A Thousand Falling Skies, Born Under Saturn, and more. Revitalizing the best elements of the 90’s metallic hardcore boom, Pristina lays down the gauntlet with a menacing sound that is equally dark, driving, and hypnotic. Revolver Magazine has described Pristina as “a chaotic surge of hardcore intimidation, atonal riff bombardment, and sound-collage psych ops.”

September 28, 2010, Pristina releases its first full-length album, The Drought (ov Salt and Sorrow), on Trendkill Recordings (Candiria, Spylacopa.) The Drought (ov Salt and Sorrow) was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Today Is The Day’s Steve Austin (Converge, Deadguy) at Austin Enterprise.

The album is based around a 23-minute title track, boasting guest appearances by Today Is The Day’s Steve Austin, Bloodlet’s Scott Angelicos, and Starkweather’s Rennie Resmini. .. .. .. ..PRISTINA.. .."The Drought ( Ov Salt and Sorrow )" ..CD - KILL 024

HOUR OF 13 (Earache Records)

HOUR OF 13 - '"The Ritualist" is a shocking downward spiral into the occult that continues the concepts developed on the debuts notorius track "Missing Girl", taking the listener into a world of satanic ritual abuse and mind control brought on by the specualtion and hysteria of satanic panic as seen through the mind of Phil Swanson and layered with the truely dark and atmospheric musical tones and score of one Chad Davis. Coming Feb 8, 2011 on Earache Records